1955 Sept C.Itoh Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. established.
1960  Apr Opened representative office at Miyazaki Airport and commenced maintenance work on training aircraft for the Civil Aviation College of the Ministry of Transport.
1963  Jun Granted qualification as an authorized repair/modification workplace by the Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Transport.
1966  Jul

Obtained type certificate from the Ministry of Transport for the Itochu type N-62 airplane (obtained type certificate from U.S. Federal Aviation Agency in Sep.66).

1970  Mar Transferred portion of shares held by C.Itoh Corporation to Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) to became a three party corporation .
1970  Jun

Changed corporate name to New Japan Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd.

1970  Aug

Order from All Nippon Airways galleys and inserts for Boeing 727-200s and 737s.

1978 Oct Established Tachikawa Plant to expand galley manufacturing operations.
1979 Nov First order from Boeing for 767 lavatory modules.
1982  Jan

Established JAMCO America Inc., a US corporation based in Seattle, Washington.

1988  Feb Established Singapore JAMCO Pte.Ltd. together with Singapore Airlines and C.Itoh.
1988  Jun Changed corporate name to JAMCO Corporation.
1989  Apr Established Niigata JAMCO Corporation.
1990  Mar Established Miyazaki JAMCO Corporation.
1991  Sept

Established JAMCO Netherland B.V.

1992  Jan

Established Tokushima JAMCO Corporation.

1998  Dec Listed on the 2nd tier of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2002  Mar

Awarded Boeing 2002 Supplier of The Year.

2004  Jul Established JAMCO Aero Design & Engineering Private Limited (JADE) in Singapore
2011 Jun Establishment of Jamco Philippines in Clark Freeport Zone Philippines